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Illustration: Black Swans

What I have been up to lately!


(Last two images: Sneak peek at the drawing that’s gonna be sold)

I intend to sell the big piece at 12x at EVIL EMPIRE (Event Link:  on Saturday, 12 June, 2010.

It’s a one-off piece and I realize it’s taking much longer to complete than I expected. I was going to do, like…three. x_x

In standard me-fashion I like the informal sketch (the two at the top) more than the big, slick one. Heheh. I’m so tempted to do it in that fashion, but I am worried it won’t look professional enough.

Artworks, Intimate

(A) Stray Series

Secrets Summer Solitude Solace Sanctum Sabotage

Solace Stillness Safety Society Stationary Sacred Shelter

Smallness Sanguinary Severity Stateliness Security Sacrosanct Symmetry Stifledness Sins Sphinx Shadows

This series is about words and images gone astray. These works have been donated to Evil Empire’s “12x” art event, whereby 36 young artists create 36 works that will be sold through a balloting process.

These images were found after rummaging through my own personal folders. They have been processed so much, both physically and in thought that they are so different from their earliest and most raw incarnations. I don’t claim them to be spectacular, but I do find the meanings they evoke in different people interesting.

I think the form of the words used to describe, say, the Motel scene, are especially telling in their closed-up, self-focused nature. The ones used to describe  York Minster cathedral  are imposing in their own way–big, archaic words.

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Installation: Dark Matter

There are massive, dense voids between us, filled only by unknowing.

“Dark Matter” (A-level coursework), 240x620cm, Charcoal and cotton fibre, 2009


Artist’s statement: The title, “Dark Matter” refers to the mysterious matter that scientists postulate comprise most of our universe.  Like the dense unknowable substance of “Dark Matter”, people are elusive ideas in our heads that are constantly evolving and evade concrete definition, rendering full intimacy with another human being to be virtually impossible. These are the inevitable distances between us.

Probably the most intensive, insane, elusive work I have embarked on so far; its conceptualisation was chaotic , kudos to my indecisiveness. Charcoal became my medium of choice 4 months prior to submission after I fell in love with its expressive and organic nature while using it do do quick layouts drawings.

After many, many detours and happy accidents, it was completed in a flurry of two months amidst final year exams and tests.  I know I was terribly unsatisfied with the final products; NYAEP’s gallery show revived me and I slowly grew to love my baby.

“Dark Matter” placed Gold in this year’s Singapore Youth Festival Arts and Craft judging. If all goes as planned, it will be exhibited at the Singapore Art Museum in July, along with the work of Qixuan ( and the works of many other talented young individuals.

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Illustration: A Public Service Announcement…

An entry into the Central Narcotics Bureau’s Anti-Drug comic competition in 2008, which my art class encouraged us to participate in when I was 16. It won first place.

It’s quite heavily symbolized for a comic. The symbols are derived mostly from tarot cards and gaming cards, embedded with my early penchant for the gothic and macabre.

I took certain liberties with the tarot card symbolism, by introducing a non-existing “Life” card  in lieu of the tarot representative of life, the “Sun” Card (which would have been too esoteric, muddying the message of the comic). A pity the competition is held without use of the artist material that comes out of it for campaigns and such.

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Vive La Paris: Canvas Shoe Design

I’ve always wanted to try my hand at designing on canvas shoes….but never got around to it, until now.

Behold! The Unamed-Famous-Brand shoe re-decorated with a collage of imagery from classic films set in the French capital (Audrey Hepburn’s Funny Face, Gene Kelly’s An American in Paris, Bernado Bertolucci’s Last Tango in Paris, and Baz Lurhmann’s Moulin Rouge). A friend’s commission. I got a book in return (huzzah!) Pardon my inexpert blurring of the brand…erm, my pixelating programme could not be found.