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Illustration: Black Swans update / Photography: 12x



R.I.P Pencil. T__T


SO when it came down to it, I didn’t sell this work at 12x.

I was rushing to finish it, and I never feel good rushing pieces because I could feel myelf getting tired and less inspired, and that would only affect the work.

I kind of hate/dislike it a lot now. I always seem to have a love-hate relationship with all my work, particularly if I’ve taken too long to complete them. Looking at unfinished work makes an artist feel ridiculously constipated and frustrated.

{  12x –An Art Experiment at Evil Empire, 48 Niven Road }

The (A)Stray/After-images series was sold to a cute graphic designer Michelle Fun (webbie:

:3 Thanks loads Michelle, for being the first ever buyer of my work.

Smallness Sanguinary Severity Stateliness Security Sacrosanct Symmetry Stifledness Sins Sphinx Shadows

Secrets, Summer, Solitude, Solace, Sanctum, Sabotage

Solace, stillness, safety, society, stationary, sacred, shelter

{12x–From the perspective of a contributing artist}

An artist comes away from a melee  like 12x, where the audience’s preferences are clearly expressed in the sighs of disappointment or the silence that follows  when a work has been chosen by the current balloter, feeling a little like a gladiator thrown to the lions, where the favour of the crowd decides his/her fate.

Most artists were suitably pokerfaced during the balloting. Artists hate being judged. It was hard for me not to loose control and begin blabbering to Sarah (Sarah Choo, NYJC AEP senior whose work “Gestalt in the City” was extremely popular at 12x) in a nervous titter like I had lost all my brains.

What was interesting  to observe were the preferences of the balloters. Balloters go for an arresting visual, something that would give them enjoyment in contemplating and see hanging in their home.

Admittedly, artists create works with certain meanings that aren’t the most suitable in the home (Such as the “penis and vagina piece”). But then again, it’s all terribly subjective. I’m very sure there were very creative, discerning, open and informed individuals at the balloting, yet I can’t help but feel that there’s a disjunct between an artist’s opinion of what is a worthwhile work and that of the balloters.

Here I am tempted to wax lyrical about how people often choose a work mainly for aesthetic value–but I shan’t. I think preference is a very personal thing, and that was part of the main point of 12x. And I suppose all of us artists should realize that–that creating a popular work doesn’t necessarily make one acclaimed, nor does it mean you’re playing to the gallery.

Leaving oneself open to public opinion is always nerve-wrecking, but through it you learn. You regret certain choices when you see how those choices (such as deciding not to frame a work -kicks self- ) play out, and you may disagree vehemently with some opinions of others, but it’s all okay, really. It’s an experience, particularly for us young ‘uns, to the test the waters. Wait till we face the real art critics and collectors.

Congrats and thanks once again to Berny Tan, Alan Oei and Evil Empire for making 12x possible and a success!

This is Luca, signing out.

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Illustration: Black Swans

What I have been up to lately!


(Last two images: Sneak peek at the drawing that’s gonna be sold)

I intend to sell the big piece at 12x at EVIL EMPIRE (Event Link:  on Saturday, 12 June, 2010.

It’s a one-off piece and I realize it’s taking much longer to complete than I expected. I was going to do, like…three. x_x

In standard me-fashion I like the informal sketch (the two at the top) more than the big, slick one. Heheh. I’m so tempted to do it in that fashion, but I am worried it won’t look professional enough.

Artworks, Intimate

(A) Stray Series

Secrets Summer Solitude Solace Sanctum Sabotage

Solace Stillness Safety Society Stationary Sacred Shelter

Smallness Sanguinary Severity Stateliness Security Sacrosanct Symmetry Stifledness Sins Sphinx Shadows

This series is about words and images gone astray. These works have been donated to Evil Empire’s “12x” art event, whereby 36 young artists create 36 works that will be sold through a balloting process.

These images were found after rummaging through my own personal folders. They have been processed so much, both physically and in thought that they are so different from their earliest and most raw incarnations. I don’t claim them to be spectacular, but I do find the meanings they evoke in different people interesting.

I think the form of the words used to describe, say, the Motel scene, are especially telling in their closed-up, self-focused nature. The ones used to describe  York Minster cathedral  are imposing in their own way–big, archaic words.