2011, Illustration, Mythological

Illustrations: The Birdwomen


Ink, Pencil. Inspired by the Sirens from Greek Myth.

John William Waterhouse – Ulysses and the Sirens (1891)

Incidentally, many other cultures have birdwomen of their own. My most vivid memories of birdwomen include an african folktale (told to me in elementary school) of a terrible birdwoman who would scream: “Ai-yeeeee, ai-yeeee!” We put up a play on her and I had wanted to be birdwoman (I thought I had the perfect scream). In the end I had to contend with playing a shrill little sparrow.

Celestial human-bird figures called the Kinnara figure in Buddhist and Hindu mythology:

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Illustration: Black Swans

What I have been up to lately!


(Last two images: Sneak peek at the drawing that’s gonna be sold)

I intend to sell the big piece at 12x at EVIL EMPIRE (Event Link: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=122576357760737&ref=ts)  on Saturday, 12 June, 2010.

It’s a one-off piece and I realize it’s taking much longer to complete than I expected. I was going to do, like…three. x_x

In standard me-fashion I like the informal sketch (the two at the top) more than the big, slick one. Heheh. I’m so tempted to do it in that fashion, but I am worried it won’t look professional enough.

2008, Artworks, Competition, Illustration, Schoolwork

Illustration: A Public Service Announcement…

An entry into the Central Narcotics Bureau’s Anti-Drug comic competition in 2008, which my art class encouraged us to participate in when I was 16. It won first place.

It’s quite heavily symbolized for a comic. The symbols are derived mostly from tarot cards and gaming cards, embedded with my early penchant for the gothic and macabre.

I took certain liberties with the tarot card symbolism, by introducing a non-existing “Life” card  in lieu of the tarot representative of life, the “Sun” Card (which would have been too esoteric, muddying the message of the comic). A pity the competition is held without use of the artist material that comes out of it for campaigns and such.