Artworks, Intimate

(A) Stray Series

Secrets Summer Solitude Solace Sanctum Sabotage

Solace Stillness Safety Society Stationary Sacred Shelter

Smallness Sanguinary Severity Stateliness Security Sacrosanct Symmetry Stifledness Sins Sphinx Shadows

This series is about words and images gone astray. These works have been donated to Evil Empire’s “12x” art event, whereby 36 young artists create 36 works that will be sold through a balloting process.

These images were found after rummaging through my own personal folders. They have been processed so much, both physically and in thought that they are so different from their earliest and most raw incarnations. I don’t claim them to be spectacular, but I do find the meanings they evoke in different people interesting.

I think the form of the words used to describe, say, the Motel scene, are especially telling in their closed-up, self-focused nature. The ones used to describe  York Minster cathedral  are imposing in their own way–big, archaic words.


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